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Basics of secure networking in an industrial environment

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  • Functions of Ethernet networks (Switching)
    • Methods of addressing (Ethernet und IP)
      • Analysis of Ethernet communication with Wireshark, using PROFINET and internet protocolls as examples
        • Topologies of networks and routing processes
          • Virtual local area networks (VLAN)
            • Ring structures and redundant structures to increase the availability
              • Security risks of networked systems
                • Firewall functions
                  • VPN coupling of networks
                    • Secure OPC UA connections
                      • Secure remote control of maintenance measures
                        With the increasing spread of digitalization in manufacturing the establishment of networks has become an indispensable success factor. The respective know-how is needed in more and more professions. This training delivers basic knowledge on Ethernet-based communication and treats questions concerning availability, network structuring and OT security. The contents are first explained in theory and thereafter practically applied on workstations of the CP Factory using hands-on exercises.
                        2 days